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⭐️ Russian for children and adults. ⭐️ Professore madrelingua russa.

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7 lessons
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⭐️ My name is Anton. Hi. I've been teaching Russian for years, and over that time I've discovered many powerful language learning methods that make learning Russian much easier and more effective. My lessons have helped hundreds of people become more confident in Russian. A couple of words about my educational background. I've finished a special course at the Moscow State University of Lomonosov for Russian language tutors. I'm a certified specialist in Russian as a foreign language. I have a Master's degree in Fashion, Design, and Luxury Management (SDA Bocconi School of Management. Milan, Italy). I visited more than 40 countries. Photographs and sports are my passion. ⭐️ My students usually are: - Beginners/ Intermediate speakers, whose goal is to become fluent in Russian - Children, which I offer such activities as speaking, reading, writing, listening, and watching, using customized and fun materials so parents can easily help their kids too, if necessary. - Businessmen and entrepreneurs willing to expand their business to Russian-speaking markets - Students preparing for the Russian proficiency test - Enthusiasts willing to widen horizons by watching movies, blogs, reading literature, and listening to podcasts and music. Those who learn Russian in common social situations. ⭐️ What is most important to me, is that you progress after each lesson If you book a trial lesson, this is what you can expect: ✅ Become more confident in Russian conversations. ✅ Comfort zone during our classes! ✅ Individual learning plan & vocabulary. Flex teaching approach. ✅ Best grammar materials and exercises available for native English, Italian, and Spanish speakers. ✅ Much more! ⭐️ If you are serious about getting really good at Russian, your next step is simple: Sign up for your Trian lesson! ⭐️ Hello! I'm Anton. If you need to learn Russian from scratch, deepen your grammar, prepare for the exam or preload the spoken language, all my lessons can be adapted to Italian-speaking students / I'd be happy to help you! Soon!
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