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Hello. Welcome to my online lesson. I'm karmen or you can me ziying. I'm a native speaker in Guangdong shunde where is a beautiful city located in southern China. I can speak English and Chinese.In addition, I speak Cantonese with my parents and my friends in Guangdong. I majored in Business International Trading and I really enjoy chatting with people from different culture backgrounds. I like baking. When we are making a cake, it needs more patient & carful. Studying a language cannot be short of these key compositions. I think baking can train these for us. I also welcome you share the baking experience with me. I also like learning foreign language. I realize how hard we learn the new language and need to spend much time on studying, but we found out the methods is fit for us. Hello everyone, welcome to my online church. I'm Karmen, you can also call me Ziying. I am a native Cantonese girl, so we can speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese. I majored in International Economics and Trade and also enjoy talking with different cultural backgrounds. I think language is a bridge that can connect people's hearts together. I also like baking very much, because baking requires patience and carefulness, and learning a language requires these two essential elements. I also like to learn foreign languages. Because of this, I understand how difficult it is to learn a new language, but we can always find a way that suits us. ⭕I have 2 years experiences of online teaching for Mandarin & English . Two years of online teaching experience in Mandarin and English ⭕I can teach you from very basic like a.o.e which is pinying in Chinese. No matter you are kids or adults. Whether you are a child or an adult, you can start learning Chinese from the most basic pinyin. ⭕I know well to HSK 1-6 I am familiar with HSK1-6 courses ⭕Most of students can improve their speaking and listening in short time. Some students can improve their spoken Chinese and listening in a short period of time. In my class⭕ ✔️we can start from the very basic like a.o.e which is pinyin in Chinese No matter you are kids or adults. ✔️I also know well to HSK. ✔️If you want to purely improve your speaking/listening, I will be your right choice as well. Because I’ve already prepare a lot of interesting materials that we can learn together ,such as movie ,food, hobbies. ✔️We can learn some survival Chinese. ✔️If you have no materials for studying . Don’t worry. I will provide you all in PDF or ppt. After class you can ask me for a copy to review. I believe if you don’t miss my class and pay a attention and take notes. The important thing is doing homework, your Chinese will be improved in a very short time. 想要日常生活沟通无烦恼,我绝对可以帮到你 ⭕游戏⭕音乐⭕角色扮演⭕闯关⭕电影⭕无尽的话题等着你来挖掘 ⭕game⭕music ⭕playrole⭕make a breakthrough ⭕film ⭕many topics are waiting for being found out.
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