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Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo

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Hello, I'm Juan Pablo, a native Spanish speaker from Bilbao, Spain. I have traveled the world, meeting new and exciting people. Along the way, I decided to start teaching my native language. I love to meet people from all over the world who want to learn my language mother tongue, which is Castillian Spanish. I am a certified ELE professor and have over five years of teaching Spanish. I am an EXCELLENT conversationalist and a great LISTENER who can talk about anything. I enjoy having conversations about world issues, history, historical trivia, news, business, or life, through stimulating conversation and having fun while we talk about it. I own my own business and have been in business for more than 12 years while traveling in more than 28 countries. I have also married an American woman. Also, my English is excellent! I have more than five years of experience teaching Spanish to adults of all levels. I have ELE Certification and Certification to teach Spanish to foreigners of all levels. I have extensive experience and status as a SUPER TEACHER AND SUPER TUTOR in different and well-known online language teaching platforms. All my certifications and status are verifiable. I have businesses outside of online language teaching and extensive experience helping and training others in entrepreneurship and learning. My teaching style is through conversation. I believe in asking questions and developing a conversation through students asking questions. I believe in following up on the answers that develop with more questions. I like the idea of sharing information. It is important to discuss topics that interest the student and, most importantly, make them feel comfortable talking and having fun while chatting and learning online—a relaxed atmosphere.
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