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Spanish tutorials to improve pronunciation and application of concepts

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Hello, I'm Jordany Garcia from Costa Rica ??, I'm 20 years old, I'm a future traveler to know the world, I'm very friendly and open minded so talking about any topic is very easy, it makes me happy to see how people improve their level of speech and pronunciation in Spanish, and be part of that path and if you want to have very interactive and entertaining classes I can be the ideal person for you ??. I like to create circles of trust where mistakes are one more learning and that everyone feels comfortable to make mistakes and then improve those mistakes ?. My classes are focused on conversational practice with simple dialogues of everyday use to improve communication, I also usually leave small tasks if you wish (it is optional), my English level is B1,B2 and I speak Spanish natively so communication will not be a problem, I would like you to keep me in mind and I will gladly help you to improve in the language, I'll be waiting for you! I gave Spanish tutoring to people of an intermediate level so that they could develop in their speaking of the language and to my partner I made her speak a basic Spanish in a short time, but of course that depends on each person, she does not have any teaching degree, but I am very motivating, patient, and open minded so that the issues of coverage is not a barrier to learn with me, I focus mostly on conversational classes where I like to put into practice the speaking and listening skills of the learner. I also like to leave small practices or homework (this is optional) so that outside the classes you can continue to improve. I am very dynamic so I like to localize errors in pronunciation and correcting those errors is part of what highlights my work to make people improve in this language.
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