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Hi,my name is Jin,I am a native speaker living in Beijing. I like music、jogging and travelling in my life .I like to add culture elements to the class so the students can build a sense of chinese language and I think it's a easier and more interesting way for them to learn Chinese. I have two years of experience of teaching Chinese and I am certified in Chinese teaching.I have got the CTSFOL certification. I am patient and enthusiastic in the class.I think it's important to build a language envioment through the class and I will try my best to let the student speak more、 feel relax and paticipate more in the class.For example,when i teach numbers I will let the students know why numbers and charactors were produced and which number we chinese people like best 、which we usually don't like and why,with some practice the students showed great interest and learned the numbers well.Besides,I will make teaching plan for every student ,preparing the lesson and tailoring the text book for every student's needs.
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