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34 lessons
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I was born and raised in South Korea. I studied fashion design in a college located in the one of the most artistic and fascinating areas of Seoul. I wanted to have extended experience abroad after graduated so I moved to New York City and earned my master's degree in digital art there. Later, when I realized I'm more enthusiastic about talking to people and sharing thoughts than creating my own artwork, I looked for a way to combine that with my personality into a career and ended up getting into Korean teaching. Partly, because I have a big affection for my own Korean but also because I love linguistics in general. I'm still obsessed with art, especially master works from graphic design like beautifully designed posters, book covers, typographies. I can't forget to mention that I'm a big corgi lover. I create corgi and dog related products in my free time and sell them on an online craft market. Art, Corgi, Korean will be the 'long story into 3 words' that explains me well. Last year I trained and passed an examination to earn the certificate for KSL teacher given by National Institute of Korean Language, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Culture. While in New York City, I met and married a wonderful non-Korean speaker and teach him Korean every day. 1. I'm bringing customized materials for each student. - Students can specify the subject that they are interested in. I would bring a customized lesson so that they can learn Korean focused on their preferred topic. 2. I'm teaching the most natural way to speak in daily conversations in Korean. - Students will learn how to speak colloquial Korean while not missing the precise grammar. Korean has a distinct formal language system called 'Korean honorifics' which is a critical part of Korean. I'm covering both formal and informal systems so that Korean learners are able to talk in proper manner in any situation. 3. Students will have more chance to talk than I do. - Something distinctive about my Korean lessons is that I want my students to speak out loud Korean as much as possible during the class. Like the way babies learn the language by constantly mimicking the sound from their parents, speaking out loud plays a significant role to learn and improve language skill.
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