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Hello everyone, my name is Yuan Huayun. Of course, you can call me Helen for convenience. I'm Chinese and now I'm in college in the US. I am a sophomore in my undergraduate program attending college in the United States. I am majoring in elementary education, so I have taken these courses in my first year of teaching language. So I think I have no problem with my teaching ability. Secondly, since I went to college in the United States, my English skills have improved. So I can also teach English. I used to teach English to elementary school students every summer in high school before I went to college. After I came to the United States, I majored in education, so the school had a mini-teaching program for us. The group we were working with was college students. I really like history. So I'm quite knowledgeable about history, so if you like we can discuss it together. By the way, I have a kitten. The name is Timmy. It's a little girl. My teaching style is on the light-hearted side. I hope I can be friends with my students.
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