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Hani Muhammad

Hani Muhammad

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Certified Arabic and Quran teacher for non native Arabic speakers .

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Hello , I am Hani from" Egypt" . my mother tongue is Arabic and I live in "Cairo" . I am 40 years old , I work as a professional qualified teacher teaching Quran and Arabic as a second language , and I am passionate about teaching Arabic and Quran. I graduated from faculty of " Dar Al Oloom " at "Cairo university " . I got my bachelor about the Arabic language and Islamic sciences . I have been teaching Arabic and Quran recitation for ten years to students from all over the world so I gained an excellent experience in teaching Arabic and Quran for non native speakers. I teach Arabic as a second language smoothly and efficiently . besides I teach Arabic and Quran for all the stages and ages I teach " The modern formal Arabic " and " The Egyptian slang ". I have my distinctive method in teaching Arabic as I can teach any curriculum for example : " Arabic between your hands " , " Madinah book " , " Ajroomiah" and " The major book " . I am concerned to develop the language skills for my students : listening, speaking , reading and writing. Also I put into consideration all the language aspects of : sounds , vocabs and structures. I hope to work together , all my appreciation , see you soon .
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