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الْسَّلامِ عَلَيْكُمْ I am Mohamed from Egypt. I have been teaching English and Arabic since 2013. I was an Arabic teacher at Fairfield University and I studied Language Education Technology class in the United States to experience teaching online. In addition, I attended language education workshops. I also worked as an Arabic writer and wrote more than 200 educational Arabic articles. I love seeing students speak Arabic fluently and confidently. I am creative and passionate about teaching Arabic through culture, so no matter what you want to learn or talk about, I am ready to teach you any book for whatever purpose you study Arabic for. I will hand-write directly on your screen and send you the papers. Please contact me when you have any questions. Ahlan wa sahlan, I can not wait to meet you. I have been teaching Arabic as a foreign language for more than eight years. I helped a lot of students from different ages to speak Arabic confidently and fluently through regular lessons and cultural workshops. I have several Arabic courses that meet each learner's needs and goals. I have a TEFL Diploma certified from Oxford University. In addition, I studied graduate education courses at Fairfield University. Involving students into the target language by making them read, speak and listen to cultural videos for its authenticity and representation of real speech, its presentation of the nonverbal aspects of language, and its value as a cultural vehicle to improve listening and understanding skills. Short television commercials are often good springboards for learning slang, abbreviations, and cultural in-jokes. In addition to textbooks, I like to use materials that involve students in the target language culture and convey a live image of the language society. Short stories that use little language and pictures from target language countries can be a perfect teaching tool.
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