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Self Discipline and Positive mindset are the keys to success in learning English

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Did you know that self-discipline and having a positive mindset about your ability is the secret in learning English, then I am here to guide you step by step towards your goal of mastering this language. I am very patient and kind towards my students believing that students should feel secured so that they can express what they potentially have. I always give positive feedback and motivate them to have consistency in their efforts if they want to meet their goals. I believe learning a new language or any other skill requires planning, a burning desire plus hard work. I have studied English for 6 years in university ( I have bachelor's degree in English Teaching and a master's in linguistics) accompanied by 9 more years of studying on my own which taught me to say confidently that if you want to master a new language then you need to immerse yourself in English environment always studying, talking, listening and reading almost every single day. Teaching for more than 10 years ( I have worked for international companies in Japan and Russia for 5 years having 6000 hours of online teaching to students) taught me that every single student is unique and We as teachers should dig deeper in the learners' personality choosing the most appropriate way of inspiring and giving positive feedback to them. A teacher should know about the ultimate goal of the student, not to mention being aware of his current level in order to choose the best method and approach in the class giving them the tools and resources to practice the language. So if you want to make changes in your life via English, then I'm confident enough to say that I can help you all over this journey. I would like to have a class mixed with funny moments so the student is fully engaged in the class. I socialize very well with my students since I know about their habits and what they enjoy so we find lots of interesting topics to discuss> I convey the concepts and new language in a deeper understanding level so that they can use them practically in the real life situations they may face in the near future.
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