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Hello, 你好!I’m Mei, from Chongqing, China, a full-time online tutor with flexible hours. I speak Mandarin and English, and I’m currently learning Spanish. About me? ? Native Mandarin speaker, Master of Tourism Management. ?4 years teaching experience with international students from over 20 countries. ? Fluent in English & Proficient with Pinyin. ? CARE about your goals and FULLY SUPPORT your study! ? HSK 1-6 Level Chinese test training and support. Main courses that I can offer: ?HSK (all levels) ?YCT ?Boya Chinese ?Conversation (Beginner / Intermediate / Advance) ?Business (Beginner / Intermediate / Advance) ?Travelling Chinese How to customize your plans to achieve your goals? ❀ You can use a textbook provided for assisting if you prefer to. I'll help to recommend one or two for you to choose according to which level you are based. ❀ If you don't feel like to follow a textbook, I'll design some topics, themes or subject curriculum according to which part of Chinese you would like to improve. ❀In the classroom, I will use useful dialogue exercises to help you input and output knowledge, while also helping you correct pronunciation. ❀After class, you'll receive a DOC./PDF of teaching notes from me which includes main vocabulary, sentence structures, parts for reviewing and homework. Purchase bonus: ?Customized teaching material, students do NOT need to purchase additional books. ?Diversified exercises and targeted homework. ?For students’ questions after class, I will always be there to give feedback to you. CAN'T WAIT to see you in my class! I hope you are EXCITED as much as I am. Please keep in mind that you will always have my FULLY SUPPORT. I am always here humbly to help you whenever I can!!!?
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