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Hello everyone! I am your teacher Sun, and my English name is Eddie. I am from China, and I am an authentic Chinese. English is my second language, and I passed the CET-4 during college. I like learning languages very much, and I would like to share my experience of learning languages with you. I like traditional Chinese culture very much. I have been learning Chinese calligraphy since I was 9 years old, and I have continued until now. If you are interested, you can also learn and communicate with me. I am happy to share this experience and experience with you. In addition, I usually like sports, love to play badminton; I like to sing, relax, and cultivate sentiment. Chinese is my native language, and I have more than 20 years of Chinese learning and social experience. I taught students as a teacher's assistant during college. I am a liberal arts student, so I have my own understanding of Chinese learning. I have obtained the second-class certificate of the Mandarin proficiency test, and have four years of offline Chinese teaching experience. I believe that I can bring you a different feeling in Chinese learning. My classes are easy and enjoyable, no rote memorization, no overloaded classwork. Whether it is online or offline, whether it is a zero-based child or an adult with a certain interest in learning, I will tailor the course according to your actual level and the topics you are most interested in to ensure that students at any stage can continue to improve , can speak fluent Chinese. I prefer the immersion teaching mode, and I will try to use Chinese teaching as much as possible, so that you will have a strong interest in Chinese learning. Of course, for zero-based students, I will also be very enthusiastic and patient, explain all the knowledge points in detail, and let you progress slowly. Looking forward to seeing you in my class!
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