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Hello, my name is Diego, I am from Ecuador. I am currently finishing my master's degree in international business. I like to travel and learn about other cultures, especially their food and language. I have 3 years of experience and I have taught Spanish in schools, universities or companies online and offline in different countries for example in Russia and Kazakhstan. I like to get to know people from other countries very closely and understand what their language needs are. I am also fluent in Russian and English and have a basic knowledge of French. I know we will have a lot to speak about and the lessons will be enjoyable if you have a passion for travel, technology, photography, culture, food or sports. Don't be afraid to have a fantastic conversation with me about any of these things. I am humorous, enthusiastic, and patient. My personality traits consistently translate to the way I teach. In addition to being enjoyable and conversation-focused, my sessions are planned and structured to make the most of our available time. I am aware that everyone's needs are different when learning a new language. My instruction is entirely tailored to your objectives. I make sure that my sessions are engaging and dynamic by switching up the kinds of activities to make them more fun and memorable and determining which ones are best for you. In addition to books, TV show excerpts, music, games, Power Point presentations and fun articles, I have plenty of resources to enhance your learning during courses.
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May 25, 12:16

I've been receiving Spanish lessons from Diego for some time now, and I must say, the overall experience has been solid. What stands out most is his unique method of structuring the lessons. Rather than feeling like a standard, run-of-the-mill class, each session is more akin to a well-organized game. This approach keeps things enjoyable and helps me remain engaged, while not compromising on the educational value. Additionally, Diego goes the extra mile in exposing me to more nuanced aspects of the language. He teaches me words from Ecuadorian and Cuban slang that you wouldn't find translated correctly by Google. This inclusion of regional dialects and colloquial terms has given me a richer understanding of the Spanish language and its various cultural contexts. Another commendable aspect of his teaching style is how he adapts to my state of mind on any given day. Whether I'm in the mood for intensive study or I'm feeling a bit more laid back, he manages to align the pace of the lesson accordingly, making sure I'm still making progress. All in all, if you're looking for a Spanish tutor who brings a creative approach to teaching, understands the cultural depths of the language, and adjusts to your learning rhythm, I would recommend giving Diego a try. His classes have been a worthwhile investment in my journey to learn Spanish.


May 15, 06:31

Очень интересные уроки

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