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My main interest is to guide you in your process of learning the Spanish language in such a way that it is easy, accessible and fun. I have 3 years of experience giving Spanish classes at basic and intermediate levels. I am a Lawyer, and I have a Diploma in Teaching Social Sciences and History. I am currently pursuing a Master's in Public Policy and Development. I have also had the opportunity to travel to different Spanish-speaking countries and those experiences, along with my academic performance, have helped me develop a broad knowledge of Spanish. My methodology is based on the incorporation of the Spanish language into your daily life, adapting it to your different objectives, using different types of resources, whether audiovisual, bibliographic or digital, so that you can obtain meaningful learning according to your needs. Book a class with me so we can discuss your goals. If you want to learn Spanish for work reasons, we can focus on specific aspects of your activity, or if you want to travel, we can also work on the different peculiarities of the language depending on the country you want to visit. I look forward to your message. Cheers!!!
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