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China national certified Chinese teacher. HSK ,IGCSE,AP,IBDP,A-level exams, all types of courses.

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Hello, my name is Lin Fang(Kate Lin). I’m a native Mandarin speaker and I also can speak in English ,Cantonese and Vietnamese. I have graduated from Sun yat-sen university with a bachelor's degree. I have obtained the national recognition of Chinese Putonghua Class B certificate and primary school language teacher qualification certificate, National Public English Level 3 oral certificate. I have more than 5 years teaching experience,Both children and adults can teach. Listening, speaking, reading and writing courses are offered in all aspects. I'm quite an expert on test-taking skills. There is a lot of help available for people who want to complete exams. In my classes, I encourage students to talk more, to schedule enough exercises, and to make sure they learn and perform efficiently. ҉҉҉ Teaching experience →2020.8 To now, amazing talker online Chinese teachers →2020.8 To now,Cchatty online Chinese teachers →2017.1 To now, Autonomous enrolment online Chinese teachers the following is my teaching methods: 1) teaches students according to their aptitude, implementing different teaching methods according to the characteristics of each student; listening, speaking, reading and writing. 2) classroom teaching is carried out in daily situations, painting, examples, watching pictures and talking. 3) integrates more into daily situations My courses include: 1、HSK Standard tutorial: HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) is an international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency established to test the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers . 2、YCT children's standard course: YCT (Chinese Language Test for Children) is an international test for Chinese language learners under the age of 15 whose first language is not Chinese. 3、Business Chinese. 4、Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing courses 5、Tutoring IBDP,IGSCE,AP and A-level, HSK Chinese exam and others courses. Teaching Style: I pay attention to the interaction between teachers and students in class and mobilize students' learning enthusiasm.
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