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LiveXP Blog's authors

Milena Lazova

I'm an ESL teacher with over 7 years of experience in providing original content. I really like writing educational articles which may help others learn some aspects of English.

Valentina Dordevic

Hello! My name is Valentina. Book digesting is my specialty. I transform book ideas into easy-to-follow summaries, articles, study guides, reviews, essays, analyses, slides, or e-books.

Beth Taylor

Hello! My name is Beth. I'm from France. I'm a French and English native speaker and I really like writing.

Cecilia Gigliotti

I have extensive experience writing in a variety of genres, from literary novels to music reviews to academic articles. I appreciate the power of words.

Geoffrey Mutie

My name is Geoffrey! I am constantly looking for new ways to improve my writing skills and my interpersonal skills, which in my opinion help a person be professional.

LiveXP Team

LiveXP is a place where we help students meet their best tutors.

Nina Stankovic

I have a Master's Degree in Physics and a Bachelor's Degree in Natural Science. I have a general interest in technology, the environment, travel, and spirituality.

Kimberly Ann Potts

My name is Kimberly. I'm an experienced copywriter and editor. I like writing about complex topics to help readers find the correct answers.

Moses Famuyiwa

Hello! I am Moses, an expert content writer, editor, and copywriter. I have a Master's degree in journalism, media studies, and communication. I enjoy creating content.

Hanré Pieterse

I'm an English teacher and passionate about working with children and teaching children innovative ways to better communicate in their environment. Don't hesitate to book a lesson with me!

Craig Alan Kenneth Byrne

I'm Craig Byrne, a British teacher. I have a lot of experience teaching different grade levels and subjects. I'm patient and easy to work with. I can help you learn and understand English.

Aneeca Younas

Hi! Mu name is Aneeca. I am a professional content writer, with over 13 years of experience in content writing. And I'm here to help you.

Andre Kern

My name is André. In an age full of information, you either have to get to the point or know what it means to draw someone into an article, blog post, or story. I know what words can accomplish.

Olaoluwa Ajayi

Writing is what I do in life. I like helping people in improving their skills and explaining any language topic they don't understand.

Priscilla Aremu

Hi there! I am a Content Writer with over five years of experience creating high-quality content on different topics. And I'm an English native speaker from the USA.

Gerry Masters

Hi All. I'm Gerry and I can be your fabulous English Teacher. We will have fun and you will improve and become more confident. Book a trial lesson and see what I can offer you!

Grazia Spano

Hi, my name is Grazia. I am an Italian and English native speaker. I have a Master's degree in International Politics. I work in Aviation as a teacher. I will be happy to help you in learning.

Sara Tadic

My name is Sara Tadic and I’m an English and Russian tutor with teaching experience of 4 years and students from all around the globe. Enjoy reading my articles.

Vicki Robinson

I'm an English teacher and writer. I have over 10 years of experience teaching English to wonderful students all over the world. I can help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Oluwadare Olusola DADA

A Certified ESL tutor with a TESOL/TEFL certification, a 12-year practicing Architect with a Master's degree in Architecture, self-driven towards enlightenment and development.

Gareth Clough

I'm a British born teacher, who has been teaching English since 2017. I qualified with a TEFL master's course. I have worked at a variety of different English schools in Brazil.

Peter Otieno

I have a bachelor's degree in Economics and Statistics and am currently a top-rated copywriter. I have specialized in website content, articles, show notes, blog, and social media management.

Jagoda Jovanovic

Hi! I'm Jagoda Jovanovic, certified English tutor with more than 3 years of experience. If you are up for your own lesson ideas and you only need a tutor to implement them, feel free to contact me!

Nada Radenkovic

I'm a certified English teacher from Serbia. More than anything, I like teaching English and getting to know new cultures. Do not hesitate to join my class as it would be my pleasure to work with you.

Lyndsey Whittle

I am an ESL/EFL English Teacher. I am from England and I speak some Spanish.

David J K Carr

I'm a British native and worked as a lawyer in London for 30 years. I'm also a TEFL-certified English teacher and have been teaching students all over the world for 3 years.

Kateryna Korohodova

My name is Kate. I live in Ukraine. I'm a qualified teacher of English and foreign literature. I love encouraging learning English and promoting a comforting and inspiring atmosphere. Welcome!

Ganiu Abdurahman

When I write, I assume the position of my audience effortlessly, imagining their pains with the intent of proffering solutions that best address their pains.

Julia Kalaputi

EFL Teacher and Social Science Educator Helping students achieve desired learning outcomes Writing articles, and poetry Volunteering in translating TED Talks

Ronny Okumu

I'm Ronny Okumu with over 7 years of professional writing. Learning new things is something I truly enjoy. And if I meet a new topic, I just spend some time researching until I can write about it.

Aleksandra Brizhevskaya

I’m a young copywriter who likes helping people by finding easy answers to difficult questions. What I do is diving into the topic and explore it.

Napsugar Panna

I am an enthusiastic, detail-oriented, proactive, and responsible translator, proofreader, and copywriter with a perfectionist motivated get-it-done and on-time attitude.

Zoran Žikić

Since I am someone who never stops learning I try to inspire people to do their best even after they finish taking my lessons. Feel free to book a trial lesson with me.

Anna Moroz

I'm a Qualified TEFL, TESOL tutor with an advance Business English certificate and with more than 7 years of experience. If you need Russian and English for a job or travel, well be free to contact me

Rachael Hooker

I’m Rachael Hooker. I have been teaching for more than 5 years now. I love having open conversations with students and helping them sound like a native speaker.

Dale Kinghorn

Hi, I’m Dale! I am a qualified English teacher with lots of experience teaching students. Interested in learning the effortless, fun, and non-traditional way? Then let’s connect and start learning!

Seline Yang

My name is Seline. I'm a Certified Mandarin Teacher. I have teaching experience with over 2000 students. Learning Chinese with good methods and skills will make it easier. Let's try it now!

Rainbow Niu

I'm Rainbow. I have an international senior Chinese teacher certificate. Teaching is my full-time job. I can help you with your Chinese. Book my lesson and let’s have fun learning together!

Anming Alexander

Experienced and certified English tutor, digital nomad, writer, anime-lover, gym-goer, and politics-talker.

Vurchio Daniela

Hi! I am an Italian native speaker. I have been teaching Italian to adults and children for several years. I like teaching the language in all its aspects, not only linguistic but also cultural.

Irina Bolshakova

I’m an EFL & Russian teacher with MA in Linguistics from the Polish University. Teaching process for me is similar to the creative flow where results and comfort during the lesson are equally valuable

Maria Gevorgian

My name is Maria. I am TEFL/TESOL qualified online tutor. Teaching is my job for over a year. Want to start learning English? I am here to help you. Book a lesson and let's start!

Mary-Lynn El Hayek

I was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. I'm fluent in Arabic, French, and English and currently learning Korean and Spanish! I try my best to learn new things daily! A new day means a new adventure!

Kadir Mustafaoglu

I am a 27-year-old multilingual language teacher and translator. I can speak five languages; English, French, Turkish, and Arabic are at an advanced level and Russian is at a conversational level.

Nabi Blooms

American Sign Language is my second language that I teach and basic Korean for beginners is the newest one. I am learning Korean and I would love to teach the do and don'ts to beginners.

Vincencia Chrysantika

I'm an English teacher who always helps my students find their weakness and change it into their strengths. I can be your teacher and also your best friend.

Lazaro Meira de Sousa

Hello, my name is Lazaro and I am a 43-year-old from Brazil. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, watching series and movies, playing the bass guitar, and riding a bike to stay fit.


I'm Sakura, a Japanese native language tutor. In my Japanese class, we practice writing, speaking and listening. I'm passionate about knowing different cultures.

Theodora Papapanagiotou

Hi! I am certified teacher in German and Greek with 25 years of experience in teaching. I love learning languages myself, I love travelling, animals and vlogging.

Faith Boluwatife

I am Faith and I'm a copywriter who can take complex strategies, explain them clearly, and then create content that moves the needle.

Dan Govedarov

It's my passion to spread any useful message for those who are looking for it. I like to open up new things for myself and for others.

Nicholas Adetuase

I'm Nicholas. I'm a copywriter with over 4 years of experience in blog and marketing copywriting, social media and posts, and more. I love writing. I am highly motivated, artistic, and creative.

Jack Moshi

Hey guys my name is Jack! I have experience teaching English to many people from different countries. And I can help you! Book the first lesson with me and you won't regret!


I am a firm believer in learning languages through speaking. I can also tutor you in grammar and writing. Do not hesitate to book a lesson with me, and I can help you with your English!

Victor Ossom

If you need help with your English, what are you waiting for? Follow the link and book a lesson with me!

David Braken

Hi, My name is David. I live and work in Dublin Ireland. I have been all over Ireland and can give you any tips and advice on my lovely country if you ever wish to visit.

Danny Hale

Hi, I am Danny. I love writing. It's not only my hobby, it's my passion and a lifestyle.

Tess Moormans

Hi, I'm Tess! I am a certified TEFL teacher with experience teaching online and in person. I can help you to learn English and speak fluently. Feel free to book a trial lesson with me.

Kristyna Bratkova

My name is Kristyna, I am a TEFL qualified teacher. Teaching is my full-time job, not only a hobby, and I‘ve been doing it for over 4 years now. Be sure I can help you with your English. Book a lesson

Nikola Radmanovic

I enjoy writing and always make a supreme effort to serve my clients with the most exquisite products. My knowledge of English allows me to write blogs, product reviews, and other formats.

Maria Paton

For me, writing content is like writing a great song. It must have beat and rememberable phrases. Like a song, the reader should want to return to the content and even share it with others.

Tara Lopez

I am a certified Spanish tutor looking for some students who want to learn Spanish in a fun and fast way.

Olamide Oyefesobi

My name is Olamide. I live in Ukraine. I'd love to reach a lot of people and help them speak English better. Book a lesson, and let's speak English together.

Vasyl Zhuk

I'm Vasyl Zhuk, an English tutor. I have spent over 4 years helping people learn English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

Daniil Iaskelevich

Hi! My name is Daniel. I teach English and Russian. And I have extensive knowledge to share with you.

Yamikani Daka

Hey there! I am Yamikani Daka, an experienced English teacher with a passion of sharing knowledge and experiences. I am your go-to-tutor for easy, fun and spontaneous learning! Feel free to contact me

Abraham Adeleye

Hi! Abraham here. I really like when my ideas are perfectly expressed in writing. And this is what I'm doing.

Caslanda Aurelus

I'm Caslanda, I've been teaching for about 4 years now. I custom tailor my sessions with your requirements to ensure that you make the best use of your valuable time.

Kaye Terrelonge

My name is Kaye. I'm an experienced teacher. I place great importance on my students understanding their challenges and applying what they have learned confidently. Hope to see you soon in my class.

Sharissa L. Pérez

I’m a native English speaker from Belize. I’m fluent in Spanish and I’m trying to learn 2 languages so I’m sure I'll be as understanding as possible to help you.

Carlos Saraiva

I'm a Portuguese, born in Lisbon, and resident in Brazil since 1995. Teacher (Portuguese and French), translator, visual artist and writer.

Danielle Dean

Hi! I’m Danielle, an experienced English tutor with over 2 years of experience. Up for fun and creative learning? Book a lesson and let’s get started together!

Florian Kristel Pe

Hi, I'm Florian, an experienced English teacher with 8 years of experience teaching. I teach IELTS, TOEFL, Business, and conversational English. Feel free to send me a message and schedule a lesson.

Peter McBride

Friendly, knowledgeable, and patient, I help students reach their goals in the journey to learn English, pass exams, obtain the dream job or speak more confidently.

Reham M. Omar

I’m an ESL tutor with more than 8 years of experience working. I have a master's in Education and am both CELTA and TESOL qualified. I’m here to help you achieve your language goals.

Emma Jane Neal

I’m Emma, a qualified Cambridge CELTA teacher from the UK who lives in Portugal.

Ata Vaezi

Hello! I can help you expand the circle of your vocabulary and knowledge. I can help you improve and enhance your English to reach a level that you desire. Don't hesitate to book a lesson with me.

Paul O'Prey

Hey, I’m Paul, a professional English teacher! I've 15+ years of experience in Business & Teaching. Improve your English skills & confidence quickly. Pass official exams and get that new job!

Mariana Vanesa Cuello

My name is Mariana and I'm a teacher of Spanish and Portuguese for foreigners. If you liked this article and want to continue learning Spanish, do not hesitate to book a class with me!

Bahman Shabani

I've received an official teaching diploma from the French Embassy. I have about 15 years of experience in teaching English, especially IELTS and French. Book a lesson and enjoy your time.

Nokuphila Nkomazana

My name is Noku. I'm a certified English tutor with a business background and more than 2 years of teaching experience. My lessons will be fun and informative. Feel free to book a lesson with me.

Mett Yüce

Hello, My name is Mett. I'm a 27-year-old English and Turkish Teacher. If you want to learn more about me, you can check my profile. I'm looking forward to studying with you, so go and book a lesson!

Aiman Tauseef

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from York University, Canada. My native languages are English and Urdu. I'm very passionate about teaching & learning. Feel free to book a lesson with me

Laura Chermside

I'm a full-time online English teacher. I have an MA and 15 years of experience in teaching ESL. I know many strategies and ways to help you progress quickly. Book a trial lesson with me!

Arnold Bustillo

I'm Arnold, a TEFL-certified English teacher from the USA. In addition to teaching, my passions are writing, reading, and learning. For real-world conversational practice, book a lesson with me today!

Marija Lazovic

I'm a philologist of French. I like to read, and spend time in nature and with my family. I take my job very seriously, I'm calm and patient, and adapt to the students' needs. Hope to see you soon.

Nahla Ben Belgacem

Hello! I'm a Legal translator. I like reading French literature in my free time. I'm experienced in teaching French and I intend to expand that experience by teaching French online.

Aytan Samedova

My name is Aytan. I'm a friendly English teacher. My lessons are tailor-made and are based on the interests and needs of my students. Book a lesson and let’s have fun together!

Ayomi Murray

I'm an English and Mathematics Tutor, and I am learning to speak both Spanish and French. I graduated with a BSc. In Biomedical Technology, I enjoy helping people with their educational pursuits.


I am a Chinese Tutor. I teach in Spanish and English. I'm from Taiwan, so besides Chinese, if also want to learn Taiwanese culture and traditional Chinese, please book my lesson. Let’s learn together!

Neil Pacheco

I am a native Portuguese speaker and I speak English fluently. I am passionate about languages and teaching. I love traveling and experiencing different cultures.

Alireza Eslahi

I have been teaching English for 6 years. I tend to help you in your language learning process. If you find this article helpful, then pay a visit to my profile on LiveXP to get to know me better.

Ozeeoma Okere

My name is Ozeeoma and I am from Nigeria. I am an ESL tutor and a graduate of Microbiology. I love learning new things, especially about people's cultures.

Guo Lingyun

I am a very friendly TCSL-certified Chinese language teacher. Welcome to book my course and start your happy journey of learning Chinese.

Christoph Kafetzis

If you want to secure your dreams with excellence, don’t hesitate to book your learning sessions with me. Let this be a start to an enthralling learning journey!


I have 2+ years of tutoring experience. I'm also an English content writer. I teach students of any age. I focus on speaking, writing, and creative aspects. Hope to meet you at the lesson.

Wayne Robert Kelso

I’m an experienced TEFL/ESL teacher living in Scotland, who has been teaching English as a foreign language since 2014. I love to hike, read, write, listen to music and watch movies.


I have two years of full-time teaching experience and am a certified TEFL tutor. Rest assured that you will learn English in an exciting and relaxed atmosphere with some fun. Book a lesson with me now

Zarreen Ray

Whether you are a child or an adult, I am happy to create a plan with you to help you improve your English whether you need it for work, school, or just for fun.

Ariana Avdieienko

Hello, I'm an English and Chinese tutor with a huge experience in teaching. I help people improve their speaking, listening, and grammar skills. Join my classes to succeed in English.

Cristina Park

I am a TEFL-certified teacher. I have taught preschool for 10 years and have been tutoring for the past 2 years. I try to find fun and unique ways to learn and practice English.

Farzad Rezaei

My name is Farzad, I am a qualified Teacher with more than 5 years of teaching experience. If you are looking for a creative and fun way to learn English, book a lesson with me.

Elsie Achgill

I'm from the UK, and I am a language learner and teacher! I love teaching English to people from all different backgrounds around the world.

Alejandro Gomez

I am a passionate educator from Florida. I enjoy tutoring and I'm happy to witness my students' success.

Hiba Youcefi

I'm a certified English teacher. I am a HUGE LANGUAGE ENTHUSIAST. Aside from English, I speak and write Arabic, French, German, Russian, and some Swedish.

Mohammad Nader Shabani

Mohammad Shabani, a 21-year old male who received their bachelor's degree in media studies in 2022, and a certified TEFL teacher. Interested in reading, researching, and English studies.

Elma Arjuman

I am Elma and I am currently in Alevels. I have been teaching students of all ages for more than 2 years now.

Nesrin Turgut

I am an English Teacher in Istanbul. I have been teaching English for 30 years. I love teaching English and writing articles. I am 53 years old and I like swimming and singing songs.

Elvira Koliadina

I am professional in case explanation. Give a lot of examples and practise, motivate my students to speak from the first lesson.

Dan LU

I’m a bilingual editor and also a Chinese teacher with certificate. I think it’s a meaningful job to help foreign friends to learn about Chinese language and culture. I teach Chinese since 2020.

Alessandro Del Vecchio

I was born in Rome, and brought up in Canary Islands, Spain. I have a mixed cultural complexion. I'm Indo-Italian as my inherited cultural race. I like to learn languages. It is in my blood.

Gisele Huang

I am Gisele, a native speaker of Mandarin and Cantonese. I am a professional Chinese teacher with 4 years experience . Welcome to my class!

Wissal Balali

Born and living in Morocco, I'm a huge fan of language learning and have a strong artistic inclination.

Claire Hazel B.

Originally from Venezuela, grew up in Florida in the USA, living in Panama. A TEFL Certified teacher with 20+ years experience in all levels, with a focus on innovation educational material.

David Sethathi

I'm a TESOL certified English teacher. I have been helping students to improve their English speaking skills for two yours. I graduated with honors degree in International Business.

Allison C. Cabonegro

Hi! My name is Allison C. Cabonegro. As a licensed teacher, my goal is to help learners improve their listening, reading, and speaking skills in English. I look forward to meet you in my class.

Elham Bizhand

I'm a multilingual professional Certified ESL teacher from the USA with +7 years of experience. I have taught many international students at a variety of levels from beginner to upper intermediate.

Dawood Naderi

I'm a TESOL certified teacher with more than 7 years of experience in teaching English and materials development. I have bachelor's degree in English literature and Master's is TEFL.

Kauzi Noah

I'm Noah from Uganda. I'm passionate about digital marketing and online teaching. I love writing and reading during my free time. This has enabled me to improve on my writing skills as time goes on.

Lorie Mae Lugcon Palima

I am a Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in English graduate from Mindanao State University, Marawi City. I passed the licensure examination for teachers last 2010.

Matlhohonolofatso Nape

I was born in Maseru, Lesotho. I have one year experience of offline teaching. I do believe that My journey here with LiveXP will be enjoyable. Kindly book a trial class with me!


I respect every student and listen to them with my heart. My students make me a better teacher and we learn and grow together!

Faith Claridad

Hi! I'm an online teacher and content writer.

Elena Falkieri

I am a certified English teacher. I've been teaching English about 9 years. I am very flexible and easy-going person which helps me to build a wonderful rapport with my students.

Alex M

I am an certified English tutor with over 1000hours worth of lesson experience over the past 3 years. New to LiveXP but not new to teaching!

Jose Grullon

Hello! I'm Jose and I'm from the Dominican Republic. I'm a conversational English and Spanish tutor.

Fred Akyea-Agbadzi

I'm a certified teacher with a level 5 TEFL certificate specializing in General English, Conversational English, Business English and IELTS. I've been teaching for almost 2 years and I enjoy what I do

Ella Lara Berger Sparey

I'm from London in the UK, but I’m currently living in Costa Rica. I have a Level 5 TEFL certificate from the TEFL Academy and have been teaching English in San Jose, Costa Rica for the past year.

Lerato Komako

I am from sunny South Africa 🇿🇦. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology. I have taught English in China 🇨🇳.

Moustafa Saleh

I have many years of experience teaching in centers, university and online. I create tailored courses as see fit, requested. I don't mind which level we are talking about as I can cover any of them.

Yulia Litvin

I taught children from 4 to 17 years old in kindergarten and at school. I have certificates of advanced training and certificates in narrow specialties of English.


My name is Yevhen. I'm a student at LiveXP and I learn English.

Amy Koerner

Hello! I'm Amy. I'm from Chicago. I am TEFL certified and have 2 years of experience teaching so far.

Alex Yu

Chinese teacher from Beijing with 1 year teaching experience National mandarin Chinese level test Class A-second.

Mona Bahsoun

I am a native Arabic speaker with Lebanese dialect. I can teach students who speak Arabic, French and English. I am ready to share my experience in teaching with young and adult students.

Gary North

Hi! I'm experienced conversational English tutor. If you want to master English, don't hesitate to book a lesson with me.

Ivona Naneva

Certified ENGLISH teacher with 5+ years of experience. I am teaching basic, intermediate, advanced, legal and business English. My students are from the youngest age to adults.

Moya Francis

My name is Moya. I'm from Jamaica. I have been teaching ESL in china for almost 4 years now. I am TEFL certified and I have taught students of all ages.

Cathal Costello

My name is Cathal and I'm from Ireland. I found myself absolutely loving speaking to people when I was travelling in my early 20's and used TEFL as a gateway into teaching conversational English.

Ivana Paunovic

I'm teacher Ivana. I think the best part of teaching English is that I can create bonds with my students. The more I know about you and your interests, the easier and more creative our classes will be

Ahmad Anwari

I am Ahmad Anwari MA student of TEFL, and a professional Tutor of Dari (Persian) and English Languages with more then 4 years of experiences.

Karima Cherif

I am a passionate person, curious and lifelong learner. I never stop learning. I believe that "once we stop learning, we start dying."

Somayeh Karimi

My name is Somayeh! I have been teaching English and IELTS for 17 years. I started teaching online 2 years before the pandemic and consequently, I know the best ways to teach English online.

Olena Lunina

Hi! I'm a copywriter with 7 years of experience. I know how to learn languages effectively as I know 5 of them. And I will share my experience here.

Mallory Roode

My name is Mallory, and I live in York, England. I love teaching and helping students develop their language skills! My hobbies are golf, cooking & running! I also enjoy occasional online gaming.

John Kenmuir

Hello! I'm CELTA certified and I have a Bachelors degree in English Literature. I have more than 20 years of experience in teaching.

Louise Ducote

Hello! I teach my native English and not-native-but-awesome Spanish! I adore children and students of all levels and I really admire you all for your hard work on your target languages.

Anas Emadeldin Mohammed Shawky Badawy

I am 24 years old and have always been passionate about learning & teaching languages. Also in my free time, I learned German as hobby in addition to Chinese and English that I studied in university.

Marilina Rinaldi

Hello! I'm an Italian and English tutor. I have a Degree in Foreign Languages and I have worked with over 120 students. These are my thoughts, experiences as an adult language learner and a tutor.

Milena Lazova

I'm an ESL teacher with over 7 years of experience in providing original content. I really like writing educational articles which may help others learn some aspects of English.

Valentina Dordevic

Hello! My name is Valentina. Book digesting is my specialty. I transform book ideas into easy-to-follow summaries, articles, study guides, reviews, essays, analyses, slides, or e-books.

Beth Taylor

Hello! My name is Beth. I'm from France. I'm a French and English native speaker and I really like writing.