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Akram Hossam Eldin Mahmoud Azab

Akram Hossam Eldin Mahmoud Azab

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Arabic Tutor and University Lecturer

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Hello, I am a teacher from the Arab Republic of Egypt, and I am 38 years old. I love traveling, reading, drawing, and cycling. I encourage work values, tolerance, and equality for all. A University Lecturer and a certified Arabic and Quran tutor with (CCTAFL) certification and a long experience in online teaching. I hold several certificates in the field of Education such as a Master's degree in Education from Ain Shams University in Cairo and CELTA certificate from Cambridge University. Arabic for beginners: if your level in the Arabic language is zero or just know too little about the language, it's okay, we can start with the alphabet, then some basics of the language I'll make sure every lesson that you understood everything, assign you homework and sheets to answer. Conversational Arabic: In these lessons I will help you to be able to make conversations with people, and help you to be more confident while practicing the language with others or with yourself, we will talk, listen to recorded videos (with subtitles) and make live conversations so it'll help you very well to reach your desired goal as soon as possible. Students nowadays lack enthusiasm, motivation, and interest to learn Arabic in a conventional way, even though they are exposed to various media and technology resources. This is the main reason why we as Arabic teachers should always keep an eye on the more engaging and involving activities. Most of Arabic textbooks turn out to be not very engaging for students. In fact, Arabic Language learning can be implemented in a more enjoyable and relaxed method. I like to keep my sessions fun and interesting and at the same time making sure you learn exactly what you need, so if you want to improve your Arabic book your session and start learning and practicing with me!
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