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1. Native Chinese Speaker 2. IELTS 6.5 (With Listening: 7.5 / Speaking: 6.5 )

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Hello! I am a first-year student from Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, currently studying at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. In the process of applying this year, I was accepted by the University of Melbourne and the University of Toronto. After careful consideration, the current school was chosen. And I used to study in an international high school, so my English ability is very solid. My hobbies are very wide. I love sports (swimming/running/climbing) and dancing, but I also really enjoy watching discipline films to improve my understanding of the world. Not only that, I also like small animals very much, so I often go to the animal rescue station to take care of the small animals. Hello! My name is Aileen and I come from Guangzhou, China. I am a stage 1 student who currently studying in Xi'an JIaotong-liverpool university. My interests are sports and k-pop dancing. Meanwhile, I'm also a person who really likes to watch documentary and rescue the stray animals. I once taught English and Chinese to second-grade children in a primary school in Guizhou for one month. Not only that, I have also tutored many elementary and junior high school students in English and Chinese learning offline, including grammar learning, oral practice, oral correction, homework guidance and other courses. Not only that, I also got an overall score of 6.5 in IELTS (Listening: 7.5 / Speaking 6.5). I once taught English and Chinese to grade two children in a primary school in Guizhou as a volunteer teacher for a month. Not only that, I have also tutored many primary and middle school students in English and Chinese learning offline, which includes grammar learning, oral practice, oral correction and homework tutoring. My teaching style is light and fun. I like to get my students to grasp the knowledge points quickly in a simple and happy way. For example, give examples and play games. This form will allow students to learn not boring but at the same time deepen the impression of the knowledge point. Not only that, my class accepts any topic discussion and I really like to listen to the students' ideas. My role in the classroom is to help students use Chinese or English easily and express them. Therefore, I hope you can come to my class and we can explore the joy of language together! I like to teach in simply and funny way, to make my students quickly grasp the knowledge. For example, provide real-life examples and play some knowledge-related games. This form of teaching can deepen their impression of the teaching materials, while less Moreover, likely to feel bored with the classes. Moreover, I am open to all the topics and willing to listen to the topics students shared with me. Besides, I like to encourage the students to express their ideas. My role is to help students to communicate in both English and Chinese.
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