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University degree in Arabic and Islamic sciences****شهادة باللغة العربية والعلوم الشرعية الإسلامية

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103 lessons
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A teacher of Arabic language, the Holy Quran, Sharia sciences and Turkish language in several places such as Turkish schools and Arab and Turkish institutes عملت في التعليم لمدة 7 سنوات في مدارس تركية ومعاهد مساجد وعلى الانترنت وعندي شهادة تخرج من الجامعة وفي الطريق الى اكمال الماجستير ان شاء الله Hello, my name is ahmed, I am twenty-seven years old, and I live in Turkey. I have graduated from Gaziantep university with bachelor's degree of Sharia and Islamic studies. I have been teaching both the direct and the indirect aspects for several years - during which she gained great experience in dealing with different types of students regardless of their ages, races and cultures. I have that stubborn patience to convey any idea of this beautiful language in all its sections and literature, no matter how difficult and complex it is to all students, whether children or adults, women or men alike. And now I am very excited to receive your requests to learn this beautiful language, no matter what. Hurry up to book your first trial lesson with me and I assure you that you will have the best experience in learning a new language. My students expect me to master Arabic, Turkish, the Noble Qur’an, or any other legal science they want to learn Of course, I have my own way of teaching that preceded many institutes and teachers, and therefore I achieved great success on a personal level in education. In the past year only, I had 2500 students and they were happy until the last lesson with me and some of them are still communicating with me until now and they are from different countries, races and religions
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