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Abel Zou

Abel Zou

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3.5 years of 1-on-1 Certified Chinese Teacher

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From shenzhen, Guangdong, China,In 2017, Graduated for Nanchang University,28 years old. Like reading and my quite life. 4 years ago, I quit my job and become a full time Chinese teacher. So far, I have taught over 5000 lessons.My students are mainly from the United States, Mongolia, Vietnam, Australia, Italy, etc. When you sign up for a trial lesson, you will receive additional learning resources: 1.complete set of textbooks for HSK, BCT, Speaking, Grammar, etc., in PDF and audio formats. 2.receive free access to a self-study system with a community and comprehensive video courses to help you learn Chinese at 0 cost. 3.our personalized lesson system allows you to choose topics and content that interest you for 1-on-1 oral practice. 4. Provide classroom replay video to let you know your child's class situation 1-on-1 class, which is different from multi-person class and video class, should focus on speaking, highly interactive, interesting and practical, play its unique role. ····, It is still challenging to master a language because what we need is companionship, encouragement, a little bit of pressure, and motivation to keep learning and experiencing the joy of continuous progress. As your teacher, I am committed to providing all of these things, so you can trust me.
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