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14 lessons
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My name is Erkan. I am from Turkey. I live in Istanbul. I have been teaching Turkish for 12 years. I taught Turkish in Moscow for 6 years. I usually try to make students talk more, so I explain the necessary grammar and then we practice more. In the classroom I use modern books and materials. Let's study this wonderful language together, and in a short time you will already be able to understand our language, speak it, and this will open up new horizons for you. To do this, you just need to book a trial lesson, here on the website, and after that I can contact you and discuss all the details of our work. I am waiting for you all in my lessons. See you Turkish for beginners (from scratch) I would like to tell you about my teaching method. For A1 and A2 students, I explain the material in Russian, as students may have many questions at the initial stage of learning Turkish. But, moving to a higher level, when the students already have a grammatical and lexical base, I completely switch to an explanation in Turkish. Of course, if the topic is given to the student with difficulty, I can return to the explanation in Russian. Spoken Turkish Since I myself live in Russia as a foreign citizen, I am well aware of what words and expressions can be useful for people moving abroad. Therefore, in the classroom, we can focus on everyday colloquial vocabulary. Turkish Intensive By now, I have experience in conducting intensive Turkish language courses and accelerated preparation of students for passing language exams.
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