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Teacher of Chinese as a foreign language, designer

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35 lessons
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I was born in China, started studying in the UK, and studied abroad in the UK. I was born in China, and went to the UK when I was 15 years old for high school and university. After graduated from university, I went to Japan for master course. And I work as part time Chinese teacher since I was in uni. hello! Originally from China, studied abroad in England from the age of 15. After graduating from university, I studied abroad in Japan, specializing in design. I have been working part-time as a Chinese teacher in college. I have been studying in Shanghai for a year, and I have been studying in Japan for a long time. .. I used to worked in a Chinese classroom in Shanghai. Also during the time I was in Japan, I worked as part time English teacher, which mainly teaches Japanese English. After I went back to China, I working as a Chinese teacher, and my students are mainly Japanese, Malaysian, Thai and etc. I have been a teacher for a year in a Chinese language class in Shanghai. And when I was studying abroad in Japan, I also taught English. I have been a Chinese teacher since I returned to Japan. Students are mainly Japanese, Thai and Malaysian. I'm a comparative note, pronunciation-like teaching. The reason is that the main profession is the profession, and the reason is that the sound is compared. I prefer to focus on pronunciation, as I had the training for being an announcer, I have much experience about how to pronounce correct Chinese. I attach great importance to pronunciation lessons. I've been trained as an announcer, so I know how to pronounce it.
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