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Hi, I'm 23 years old and I'm from Ukraine. I love to be active and since I am currently abroad I actively use English in communication with people in all areas of life. I am quite flexible and open to suggestions to enhance methods and fluent communication. I tailor activities to maintain the interest of students, and I have the ability to dramatize English stories effectively and creatively in the teaching process. I believe in a communicative process, integrating all the skills in all areas of knowledge. Hello, I am 23 years old and I come from Ukraine. I am quite flexible and open to suggestions for improving methods and free communication. I adapt activities to keep students interested and have the ability to be effective and creative in the initial process. I believe in a communicative process that combines all skills in all areas of knowledge. As part-time I worked as a private teacher (at home) in Ukraine for a year. I studied for a four years at the university at the faculty of foreign languages, so I have professional qualification - Education in language and literature (bachelor’s degree). After I graduated from university I worked for a year and a half in a hotel as an administrator, so I had a lot of communication with foreign people, including native speakers. I can help with reading and writing, improving your social skills, learning English through fun games. Thanks to my qualifications, I know the psychological aspects and how to find an approach to people. I am a conscientious and flexible school teacher well-versed in using social skills and empathy to manage student behavior. I also utilize feedback from students to create compelling lesson plans that take into account the strengths and weaknesses of students.
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