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Tijana Djunisijevic

Tijana Djunisijevic

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Certified ESL teacher and Instructor

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Hello! My name is Tijana- a recent graduate of the master's degree in Applied Linguistics at Carleton University and currently working as an English teacher. I've always wanted to help people learn languages and improve their communication skills in English. In my own experience with language learning, I've had excellent professors that listened to my needs and helped me while challenging me to learn and explain things that led to understanding. Today, these are the qualities I hold when I teach and tutor English. If you are a beginner, I can help you build a solid communicative competence so that you feel ready to go out and converse with native speakers. If you are looking to advance your skills, I can help you master grammatical concepts and get ahead by providing you with challenges. And if you are simply looking to have some fun and learn a new language, I'm in! My hobbies include rock climbing, traveling, reading, playing violin, and learning languages. I am a recent graduate of the Masters's Degree program in the Department of Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies at Carleton University, where I focused on investigating whether proficiency imparts the understanding of the type of corrective feedback administered by teachers. I have been teaching ESL across Canada for 3 years now and I am currently working on a research project with the university on measuring literacy rates in Canada. My teaching style is dynamic and flexible (i.e., it depends on the group of students I am teaching, the level, the focus, etc.) I usually introduce a topic and then promote student interaction and collaboration. After this phase, I take it up, correct their mistakes, and we flesh out the concepts together. Once the topic is understood, I usually ask my students to perform tasks that resemble authentic, “real-life” situations.
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