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Tatiana Zasko

Tatiana Zasko

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Native Russian/English speaker, TESOL/TEFL Certified, 10+ years of experience, Business English

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⭐️⭐️⭐️I provide premium personalized classes to adults and teenagers ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ✅You’ll be able to see improvement in your English skills within 4-5 sessions on average. ✅Within 25-30 sessions you’ll be able to bring your English to +1 level up ✅Premium Customised Pronunciation Plan will help you to work on your difficulties in pronunciation ✅ You will be able to get rid of psychological barriers and blocks that stop your English level improvement. ⭐️Linguistic University Graduate (I speak 4 languages) ⭐️ 120-Hour TESOL/TEFL Certificate /Accredited 80-Hour TEOL Certificate ⭐️Business English ⭐️ International Protocol and Etiquette Tutor ⭐️ 1500+ happy students ⭐️ 7000+ classes ⭐️Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology ⭐️ Neutral Accent ⭐️ Difficult topics in simple words! ⭐️English learning technics: 10 new words in 10 minutes ⭐️Get rid of your accent FOREVER Experiences 2011 - 2022 Private Entrepreneur 2014 - 2018 Cardenas LLC Educations 2011 - 2016 Minsk State Linguistic University International Communication 2021 - 2022 Austrian Higher School Of Etiquette Etiquette and Protocol Certifications 120-Hour TESOL/TEFL Certificate Accredited 80-Hour TEOL Certificate ⭐️【 I will help you with 】 ✅ Speaking, Expressing Yourself more Fluently ✅ Pronunciation and Accent reduction ( English sound correction, English intonation training) ✅ English for professional communications (small talk, elevator pitch, presentations, interview preparation, etc.) ✅ Culture, Travel, Work, Life, and any other topics that interest you! ✅ Grammar, Listening, Reading -【 After Each lesson, you’ll get 】 ⭐️Customised feedback on your English level improvement ⭐️ Super detailed common mistakes report that you’ll be getting after the lesson which includes: grammar, pronunciation, words, phrases + corrections ⭐️ Free lesson materials are stored in your personal google-drive folder. This way you’ll be able to access the materials and practice English at any time you want. ⭐️ Various additional useful documents: apps, websites, YouTube videos, audio fragments, articles, books, images, PDFs, etc. ????? English for children (6-11) and teenagers
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