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I am an Online professional Urdu Language tutor from Pakistan. I have been sharing my passion for enabling learners like you to develop their communication skills in Urdu. I am proud to have helped people in UK, USA, UAE, Canada, Germany France, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Syria, Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia and rest of the world. Outside of teaching. Currently I am teaching on different online platforms and have completed more than 15,000 hours. I am patient and easy to talk too, and I will give you the feedback necessary to grow in language fluency. I am open to discuss many topics including culture, travelling, history etc. I love getting to know people. Learn to confidently and effectively communicate better in 'real world' situations. My practical approach focuses on improving speaking and listening skills for everyday social i Me as a Teacher I have experience in teaching Urdu at all levels and can teach from complete beginner to advanced levels. I have taught students of all ages - from children through adults, in both classroom and one-on-one settings. Throughout my career as a teacher, I have focused mainly on individualized instruction. I know the methodology of teaching one-on-one extremely well. My Lesson Teaching Style In my lessons we will focus mainly on building your word bank, proper pronunciation, and conversational skills. I am also flexible with my teaching lessons. If you have any specific areas that need work, we can adjust the lessons to your needs. My Teaching Methods My teaching methods are to keep the brain stimulated while learning so that you can have memorization techniques to keep your brain focused and your mind at peak performance. Booking a trial lesson with me will be a unique experience. After spending some time exploring your situation, needs and interests, we can discuss your learning goals and agree on an initial plan of action. We can then spend time getting to know each other, and I will of course grade my language to suit your needs. Naturally, I will be happy to answer any questions you have about me and the way I work.
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