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Swedish, fast, simple and fun. I have been living in Sweden for over 10 years! (Experience 2 years)

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Hello) My name is Sonya! I grew up and studied in Sweden. Swedish is my native language. In addition to Swedish and Russian, which I know perfectly, I also speak English at a high intermediate level. I am not a qualified teacher, but I have experience of volunteering to help visitors. I helped them settle in and learn Swedish. I have also been teaching Swedish online for the last two years. I like to sit at the PC, play and make music. I also like to talk and discuss different topics, so I don’t think we will be bored!) First of all, I want to be a friend and practice conversational Swedish and work on expanding my vocabulary, which will be useful, among other things, to simply get used to Sweden and at work or school. I can also help with the grammar and rules of the Swedish language, but it is much more difficult to learn them without speaking practice, so I will try to speak more Swedish during the lesson, just so that the language is better absorbed! The content of the lesson focuses on the age and interests of the student, so that each lesson brings not only benefits, but also pleasure, which contributes to better memorization of information and the quick application of the acquired knowledge in practice. I have been working with both adults and children for over two years! The price may vary depending on your level. I am also recruiting an adult group for the summer, the price will be a little cheaper. You can write not only to the site, but also to WhatsApp (+46722184989) I teach more conversational Swedish, but I can also help with vocabulary, sentence construction, grammar, academic Swedish comprehension, etc. I will help you from scratch, and if you already have some experience, then we can go further!) If you want to join the Swedish society: study here, work or just live - then I will be happy to help you achieve your goals together with you!)
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