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Bilingual qualified teachers *Mandarin Turkish* Standard pronunciation Teach you correct spelling, chat with confidence, let you have beautiful and authentic Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing, culture, writing

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♥Chinese✔ ♥Turkish✔ ♥ Graduated from Jilin University ♥5 years teaching experience bilingual teaching ♥ Live in Antalya, Turkey ♥Speaks Turkish, Chinese, English and native language ♥ Notary Office Translator Interpretation Translation Editor ✔️ Learning Chinese is a very interesting process. Through your hard work and my correct guidance and clear plan, your gains will be rewarded. ✔️Chinese is built on the courage to speak. If you want to learn Mandarin well, you must have a standard Mandarin teacher. If you want to speak Chinese like an announcer, then join my course. Make sure your classes and time are built on meaningful lessons. ? ✅My teaching atmosphere is more relaxed, pleasant and not boring. ✅Student-centered classrooms. Build friendly teacher-student relationships. ✅The teaching plan is interesting and distinctive, and different course content is developed for each student. ❗️I will design the courses according to your needs, tell you the learning skills, and enrich the courses with vivid features. ? Learning does not require rote memorization, but requires a patient teacher to correctly understand the students' knowledge, guide them correctly, and flexibly apply the knowledge to life to start the learning process. ?The teacher's efforts and your efforts will have good results. ?Ensure that my class is interesting, content-rich, interactive, speaking and speaking freely in a classroom environment❗️In the content ① Correctly understand Chinese Pinyin culture ✅ ②Learn natural spelling, Pinyin and correct pronunciation Know the strokes of birth and the articulation clarity of accent ③ Correctly guide the learning progress of listening, speaking, reading and writing ability ④ Learn the flexible use of grammar and sentence description ⑤ Improve the ability of Chinese reading and writing On top of perseverance? No matter which language you learn, to learn it well, you have to put in more effort than others. Perseverance and perseverance can achieve your visual results. ? Let's cheer together✍️
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