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A1-C2 Level German Teacher Certified Language Correspondent

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I am a German teacher for levels A1-C2 and have a great passion for languages. For this reason I would like to help you to improve your German language skills in a short time. My lessons are usually very interactive and individually tailored to your needs and learning goals. The visualization methods I use will help you remember the vocabulary of different contexts well. I am confident that you will enjoy your time with me! Due to my training as a foreign language correspondent, I speak and write German and English at a very high level. After my training, I began studying educational science and expanded my knowledge of grammar, fluency and communication. I also tutored students for 3 years during my undergraduate studies, helping students catch up and improve their performance. The students gave me feedback that I can convey knowledge content well and understandably. In addition, I have offered German courses and helped adults from different educational and professional backgrounds to achieve their desired outcome. Many of my students started as beginners and were able to reach B1 level in less than 12 months. For this reason I would like to help you to improve your German level in a short time. I am convinced that you can only learn languages well if you are also interested in the culture of the respective language area. Because the more one is informed about the socio-cultural background of a language, the easier it is to learn new words, expressions and ways of speaking. For this reason, I integrate as many culture-related texts as possible into the lessons. During the lessons we will discuss the texts together and answer questions about them in writing. I also encourage students to always speak during class so that they can learn the language naturally. For a better understanding of the grammar, I also integrate learning videos into the lessons. Because the animations and illustrations contained in it help to memorize the learning content. Students are also asked to write short essays on a specific topic or event in their life.
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