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Teacher Mehwish

Teacher Mehwish

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* Native Speaker, love to teach Urdu❤ * Neutral Accent * Good Listener * Enthusiastic, Passionate, humble and an experienced teacher. ❄️ Graduates with a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology. * Have fond of reading books, scientific magazines etc. * 8+ years of teaching experience in online and physical platforms, including primary level, middle level,O level, A level etc. * Help you to learn what you want to know in a friendly & supportive * I focus alphabets, basic structure, vocabulary, grammar and of course meaningful conversation. ✨TEACHING STYLE: * Tailor-made class content * Focus on YOUR interests and abilities * FRIENDLY learning environment ✍️ Instant FEEDBACK * Relaxed and CALM atmosphere * CONVERSATION time to practice new skills ** Teaches Urdu for Beginners & Urdu for Reading, Academic Study Course: Urdu for beginners 1- Urdu Language for Non Native Urdu Speakers - (Beginner Level) 2- Urdu Language for Non Native Urdu Speakers - (Dialogue) 3- Urdu Language for Non Native Urdu Speakers - (Vocabulary) Goal For Students: * The main goal is to help students take realistic steps to achieve their goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. xxxx BOOK A TRIAL LESSON TODAY xxxx Classroom Rules: * Be punctual. * Bring note book to keep record of important points prior the class time. * Try to do the given home work before the next class so that your progress can be evaluated.
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