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Hello! Briefly about me: my name is Max. I am 31. I love to travel and explore the world)) I am a creative person, I love to surprise people, give joy and good impressions! Now to the point: do you want to improve your Russian or Ukrainian language? Then let me help you! Do you know what makes me different from all the other teachers on this site? I’m an ordinary person, I don’t speak abstrusely, I can talk to you in a simple way, as it happens in real life between people, but I can speak professionally, as if you are at important negotiations at the level of top managers of large campaigns. In general, do not read this nonsense, but rather watch the promotional video, because we are here to talk, not read)) I have a gold medal at school and a diploma of higher education))) And I have never taken special language courses. But I honestly told you this! But I was born and lived all my life in Ukraine and spoke Russian and Ukrainian. After all, you want to improve your pronunciation, find out how people really communicate, and not just learn the rules (you can read this in books). I will give you real cases on how to communicate with people so that they take you for their own and say "Wow, dude, you speak great Russian (or Ukrainian)!" What can you expect from my lessons?... Simplicity, ease, relaxed atmosphere, fun! You can set any topic yourself / yourself and we will communicate, and if you are not in the mood and do not want to come up with a topic of conversation, then I will think of something myself. The main thing is we will communicate, and I will correct you if anything))
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