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Lina Li

Lina Li

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C1 English teacher with the Cambridge certificate Ukrainian native, Ukrainian and Russian teacher

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Hello everyone! It's pleasure to meet you and I'm willing to help you by all means! I will provide you with as much knowledge as possible! I'm from Ukraine, hence I know Ukrainian and Russian as a native and additionally I'm fluent in English! Feel free to to choose whichever tongue you need to hone your skills in. Also, mention your approximate level and a curriculum that you would like to work on. There're no constraints in our activities, which vary from merely speaking to preparing for an exam. See you! I do know Ukrainian and Russian as a native. Apropos to English, it's my absolute favourite! I've received the C1 Cambridge certificate and further I aspire to the C2 one. I've been teaching these languages for two years already and prefer online bound since it enables me to connect with the entire world and to give my aid! First of all, the way of classes' structure and curriculum are always mutually agreed with every student personally. I work more with experienced learners of different ages. If you need to speak, we will speak, if you need academic training - we will definitely do academic training! As you can see, I provide my students with plenty of opportunity to broaden your horizons by various means! And I pay attention to each desire my students express and afterwards thoroughly create a curriculum with certain web-sites, PDF-books, audio or video materials.
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