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Hello, everyone. I'm Miss Jessica. I am currently teaching Mandarin online. Mandarin and Cantonese are my native languages and I can speak standard Mandarin. I have a lot of experience teaching online, and my students range in age from 6 to 50. We can talk about the history of China, and I will often correct their pronunciation and teach them more accurate understanding and use of Chinese vocabulary in a more interesting way. I currently live in Guangdong. If you are interested in Guangdong, we can also talk about the characteristics and culture of Guangdong. And I can teach you how to speak Cantonese. 2 years teaching experience. More than 50 students. I have rich experience in correcting word sound, correcting sentence structure, upgrading pronunciation and improving fluency. My teaching style is flexible, and I will make courses suitable for you according to your Chinese level. If you are currently taking the HSK, I will also provide some classroom exercises to improve your level. If you want to enhance your daily Chinese communication, welcome to my class. Special note: Children; The children; Suitable for young people (3-18 years old) with textbooks! Teaching Materials: Different levels of teaching materials /PTT (adult/adolescent/child) Teaching style: easy to understand, lively and funny. Easy to make students get psychological training, make them think positively, mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of students to learn. My textbook: PDF file Audio file Text file The image file homework test Articles and News Graphs and Charts Test templates and examples Video file Presentation of slides /PPT flashcards
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