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Hi everyone, I'm Siamak from Kurdistan. Long time ago when I was just an English student I'd gone to many different language schools, mostly boring & fruitless, forcing their students to memorize pointless grammar rules, doing boring drills, .. So I feel what most of you've been through! I started researching new methods, and found out the ways that have been the most efficient, since then have employed them to serve my students of different ages, adults, kids and business people! Being patient has been allowing me to adapt each students different pace in learning. I'm passionate to help those who are eager to learn, no matter what their purpose is, how old they are. I have over 10 years of experience teaching languages, and have bean teaching languages to people from all around the world. *Learn effortlessly LIKE A NATIVE, without boring and pointless grammar rules. Since I have been teaching languages for many years, and have been a language learner as well, I know how difficult can be learning a language solely through grammar study. I believe language acquisition should replicate natural approach that's why I guarantee learning with me will be easy and quick. Here're what I teach: Kurdish, English, Persian with a new approach so that the process of language acquisition will be really easy and fun. I look forward to seeing you in the class soon. Lessons: [ English, Kurdish, Persian ] You and I observe all the flowing throughout the class: -Effortless acquisition, LIKE A NATIVE, no boring grammar rules. -A jubilant atmosphere -Interactive communication -New research-proven approaches We'll together find out the most efficient method/material for you! Also you will be given enough room and patience to make you able to freely express what you have in your mind. I've helped students all around the world. You can count on me to learn any of these languages in the easiest way possible. No matter what your native language is, or what your aim is, I can aid you in acquiring your desire language for your own purpose.
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