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Certified Phonics Teacher | Audio Classes Only

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I teach audio classes only. No video. Audio-only classes are a great way to start learning a new language. In early language development, it is essential to build strong listening and speaking skills. I organize my lessons by level and I use Google Slides and books. I give my students a copy of the Google Slides / notes after each lesson that we complete. ✅ About Teacher ✅ - I teach English and Levantine Arabic - American English speaker (Standard/Neutral Californian accent) - I have a Phonics Teaching certificate, I can teach children how to read and support those with learning disabilities such as Dyslexia. - I am multilingual ✅ My Experience ✅ - I have online teaching experience. - I teach both children, teens, and adults. ✅ Audio-Only Classes that I Teach ✅ - Accent reduction - American accent acquisition - Phonics - English levels: A0, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, & C2 ✅ Special Classes ✅ - Bedtime Stories for Children ✅ Teaching Materials ✅ - I use books, Google slides, PowerPoint slideshows, and videos from reliable sources. ✅ My Teaching Style ✅ - Kind and polite BUT professional - Patient - Less "teacher talking time" and more "student talking time" (unless you want me to do the talking and you prefer to listen) - I will focus on your what you really need to ensure that you will achieve your goals ✅ Class Rules ✅ ❌ No sending inappropriate/suggestive messages ❌ Please don't ask me about my marital status ❌ No sending emojis such as winking, rose, etc. ❌ Please don't invite me to teach outside this platform ❌ Please don't ask me personal questions ❌ Sensitive topics such as politics or religion are not up for discussion ✅ Let's respect each other
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