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Hey! Nice to meet you! My name is Elvira and I am an English/Russian teacher. Was studying in China for one year, but decided to wait till everything is fine with corona. I am traveling around the world and have a lot of stories to tell. Always supportive of my students trying to give more motivation to learn the language, cause Russian sometimes can be frustrating. I am playing the ukulele, doing yoga, and adore mountains, and swimming. Crazy about Disney cartoons and Pirates of the Caribbean. Love Aussie, British accent, and jokes about USSR:) I am teaching these languages for more than 1 year online. I am preparing students for TRKI exam, but mostly I am teaching conversational Russian and English. My students are mostly kids whose Russian parents want them to speak their native language, but they live in the US for example. Also, a lot of my students want to learn Russian cause they have a Russian girlfriend or boyfriend (it's so cuuuute!). My students are mostly from Europe, the US, and Arabic countries. I also have many students from Russia whom I teach English. English is very important to know, especially these days. Many start with grammar, but I have my own approach and after a month of classes, students, especially those who have been learning English for years, finally begin to speak. Usually, my students tell me that after my lessons they feel a bit tired, but motivated cause they can see the progress on every lesson. I have a personal approach for everyone. With someone who wants to surprise their lover, we are learning complements, with kids we are playing games and watching Masha and Bear (they love it). Students who are studying in Russian uni we were watching historical videos and discussing the political situations in the world. For every word I am trying to give a context, so students can feel and acquire the word not just memorize it. In learning English, I try to get a person to talk as quickly as possible. Grammar is certainly important, but as practice shows, people who have been learning English for years have a large passive vocabulary and do an excellent job with grammar tasks, but as soon as they need to start speaking, they get very lost. Therefore, in my lessons there is a lot of practice and I speak in ENGLISH!
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