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Hi My name is Ella. I’m a native Chinese speaker living in Chengdu,china. If you don’t know this place,it’s home of Giant Pandas. And we are also famous for hotpot. I want tell you a little bit about myself. I graduated from university with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I love working out ,traveling, taking photos and Cooking. But most importantly I love learning and sharing languages. I enjoy talking with different people from different culture backgrounds. For the past several years, I had work experience of being a Mechanical Engineer, a Project Leader and a Operation Engineer. But in the meantime I have been using my free time to tutor mandarin online . Because this is my greatest passion. That’s also why I decided to spend more time on teaching. My lessons mainly focus on helping you improve your spoken Chinese and fluency through conversation. We can talk about any topic that you are interested in. If there are certain areas you wanna improve whether it’s reading, writing,listening or culture. We can focus on those too. And if you wanna study with a textbook we can also go with that. If you don’t have any materials I can share some of mine with you. Thanks for watching this video and I can’t wait to see you. Bye~
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