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Diana Sikorskaia

Diana Sikorskaia

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Język polski dla każdego/ Polish for everyone

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37 lessons
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Hi all! My name is Diana and I am here to help you learn Polish. I have been living in Poland for more than 3 years, including being a graduate of the Faculty of International Relations of the University in Warsaw, and also studying here on a master's program. Each person is an individual, which is why at the very beginning it is very important to find out the interests of a person, because learning a language is, first of all, integration into a new culture and customs. In the classroom I use a lot of modern contact, practice of conversation and communication. I believe that anyone can learn a language, for this it is enough motivation, desire and a teacher with whom you will be on the same wavelength! I invite you to classes, I promise it will be fun and interesting! During the year I have been teaching Polish and English for adults and children. In the classroom, I set aside a certain time for each section of learning - grammar, reading, I devote a lot of time to the most pleasant conversation and interactive tasks related to the processing of modern video and audio materials in accordance with the interests of the student.
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