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Good Morning or Доброе Утро, Hopefully, you are doing lovely. My name is Daniel. I teach English. I also help people practice their Russian. I am neither a genius nor a devil (Yet?). Nope, I am a teacher, and I am proud of that! Besides the English language, I have been also teaching different subjects (Philosophy, psychology, drama, writing stories). Age is just a number to me. There is no pressure, even if you make mistakes because they are part of our growth. In the beginning, we will have a chat. We will find out if you want to practice your skills or prepare for an exam. If you desire to practice, we will have fun doing interesting activities, where you will learn at your comfort and ease. If you want to prepare for an exam - sure! I will focus preparation on the main parts and common problems to make it Easy for you. I sincerely hope that we can help each other in achieving our goals together. (Mine is to help you reach your own...) Best of All Wishes, Daniel
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