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Hello there! My name's Dan. I live in the Czech Republic, in a beautiful city - Prague. I'm 29 and I like traveling when it's possible, trying new things, like carpentry, playing the ukulele, being a dog sitter, etc. I hope to see you in my classes and have a lively talk! =) I'm TEFL certified and work with a huge range of different students from different countries. A few examples from my experience: - Showed little children (4-10) how to express themselves and recognize foreign speech; - Improved skills of teenagers (10-18) in writing, reading, and speaking; - Practiced pronunciation and vocabulary with adults (18-55); - Passed time with a few seniors while helping them with their hobby (English). I prefer the Natural Approach method in teaching a new language. We find common ground, discuss news, hobbies, and interests. And while we talk about anything in the world, I find and correct any mistakes that my student might have. If there is a systematic problem with any aspect of language, we try to focus on it until it is eliminated! I have a massive collection of materials that can help us in making you a confident English speaker! (All classes are conducted in English)
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