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63 lessons
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Français Hi! I'm Antoinette and I come from Cameroon. I am currently a holder of a diploma as an Agricultural Technician and a bachelor of science degree in Agribusiness technology. Moreover, I plan traveling abroad for my masters degree in Europe or Asia in the near future. I love farming, hanging out with friends, watching movies and listening to music. French Salvation! My name is Antoinette. I am Cameroonian and I am very happy to help you improve your French skills. I have a degree in Agribusiness. In addition, I would like to travel to Europe or Asia to continue my studies. I like to cultivate, go out with friends, go to the cinema and listen to music. Français I have been teaching French for almost two years and I know the difficulties you can face when learning this language. Also, if interested, I can teach you agriculture(livestock and crop farming) and milk transformation if you wish to know in the language you'll prefer. Also, I'm kind, patient, fun and my lessons are focused on your interests and goals. I am 100% bilingual as I speak both French and English fluently. We can focus on friendly conversations, grammar and vocabulary. I'm ready to use the facilitator and demonstrator styles of teaching to help you improve quickly. French I have been teaching French for a while and I know the difficulties you can encounter when learning this language. In addition I can teach you about farming and milk processing too if you want. I am kind and patient. My lessons are based on your goals and topics. So I'm here for you. Français My lessons are always very lively and warm. So, relax, I'm here to help you. Many students study languages for a longer time, but still find it challenging to speak. Thus, not only will I help you learn the language, but I will also enable you get use to it by giving simple secrets that will help you get more familiar with French in your daily life. French We can focus on friendly conversations, grammar and vocabulary. So don't worry about your mistakes, my help is always a priority for you. I am able to use and demonstrate teaching strategies to help you quickly raise your level of French.
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