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My name is Aly, I'm from Egypt. I've studied Languages, Literature and Translation at Alexandria University. My favorite hobbies are reading, swimming, jogging, writing and learning languages. I'm teaching Arabic and English. I was working in two American Companies for two years, so my work was to speak in English everyday. My teaching strategy: we will always have three parts in out lesson 1- we will learn new thing as example (grammar, vocabulary or whatever) 2- we will practice to use what we've learnt 3- we will have a general conversation, so we will talk about everything we like to improve that skill I've studied Arabic Language and literature at Alexandria University, I also speak English fluently because my work was to speak to American people for two years, and I took many Certificates in that Field beside my Bachelor Degree. Learning Languages is my Life, the best way to learn any language is through Conversation and that's what we will focus on and for sure there are many ways to learn but it depends on the person who is learning and we will follow the best way for you to learn it in a funny and easy way. Listening is the most important part for beginners then step by step Student will know many sentences and words, so he will repeat it, here we are talking about conversations, because the basics in any language is the easiest part because at the beginning the student is curious and he learn the basics like 'good morning' and 'How are you?' then it will start to be difficult, needs effort and here it's my time to simplify everything to make it like a game, so the student will take the lesson because he enjoys it. we have a lot of worksheets, videos and games to learn through we always have 3 parts in the lesson: 1-learn what we need in that lesson 2-practice what we've learnt 3-Conversation
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