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Abdur Rehman

Abdur Rehman

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Certified Arabic(Quran & Islamic Sciences) and Urdu teacher

Was online last monthTeachesSpeaksArabic(Native), English, Urdu
Assalam o Alaikum Hello, My name is Abdur Rehman a native Arabic and Urdu speaker from Pakistan, I'm 28 years old, I'm Hafiz and Alim, I have Master in the Arabic language and I done Specialization in the Arabic language and I love to teach Arabic, I love to teach Arabic, Quran and Urdu, I love to help people to learn my languages, I also speak English, poshto and panjabi. Certified Arabic, Urdu and Quran tutor. Hello, I'm a native Arabic and Urdu speaker. I have experience in teaching Arabic and Urdu around four to five years, I can teach for all ages easily, I teach all levels from the beginning to the advanced . I have the ability to teach you Arabic and Urdu with grammar, and without grammar, I have master in the Arabic language and I have done specialization in the Arabic. ● Little too excited about helping people reach their goals. ● I love teaching. To see the spark of accomplishment In people. ● I myself love learning, Being a teacher is the best way to learn. ● I teach Fusha Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic), and Basic Islamic lessons, and Islamic Sciences, and Urdo language. ● I am very adaptable and flexible with my teaching methods. ● I want to teach what you want to Learn. ● My method will allow you to apply your knowledge right away. ● I have taught people from complete beginners to advanced learner. ● I will start by teaching you how to start a conversation right away then second lesson move into your interests. ● I understand it can be hard to hear all the sounds in Arabic. It is very weird. that’s why I will always speak slowly While showing you written forms. ● I will teach you grammar, simplifying it, making it very clear and endurable. ● In my classes we will do activities not only your speaking skills but also your listening, reading and writing. ● I will give you homework, send you links and videos so you can review what we learned in our classes. I'm so excited to meet you and help you achieve your goals!!
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