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on-line Chinese teacher with 13 years' experience. Online Chinese teacher with 13 years of teaching experience

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Hi, I'm April. I come from China. I speak Chinese and English. I majored in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language in post graduate stage and I am a certified techer with CTCSOL. I love Chinese culture and enjoys Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting and Peking Opra. I love talking and sharing ideas with people from all around the world. It would be my honour if I can help you to learn Chinese. Hi! I am April. I am from Nanjing, China. The postgraduate major is Applied Linguistics and has the International Chinese Teacher Certificate. I like Chinese culture, calligraphy, paper cutting and Peking Opera. I really enjoy communicating with friends from all over the world. I would be very honored if I could introduce you some knowledge of Chinese or help you understand Chinese culture. I have been working as a kindergarten teacher for 13 years in Nanjing, China. I teach on Chinese learning platforms as part-time job for 2 years, maily teach young learners with no basic knowledge of Chinese. I also teach teenagers and adults HSK and spoken Chinese. I have worked in kindergartens in Nanjing, China for 13 years, teaching Chinese classes for young children. In my spare time, I also work part-time on a Chinese teaching platform, mainly teaching children's oral English courses and adult HSK courses. I'm very patient and nice to my students. I respect everyone, and often encourage my students if they try. I give them more chance to think then to speak and master how to use the language in their daily life. I can also make my class fun by games, songs or stories. I am very gentle and patient with students. I often encourage students. I respect every student, give them more opportunities to think and speak Chinese, and teach them how to use Chinese in their life. I will make my class fun through games, songs or stories, so that students can learn Chinese in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.
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