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Find an ideal Spanish tutor to boost your business Spanish, prepare for exams, or get better at day-to-day chatting! LiveXP has loads of wonderful tutors to offer. Discover an online Spanish tutor who can transform learning from boring and ineffective into fun and productive. LiveXP is a space chock-full of private Spanish teachers who know how to guide you to noticeable, tangible results. Thinking where to begin? Browse LiveXP online Spanish teachers, take that trial lesson, see how you like it, and get learning on a regular basis!

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Why choose LiveXP for Spanish lessons?

All-in-one platform
Browse Spanish tutors, book lessons, manage subscriptions, learn new words, and track progress.
Perfect tutor match
Find your perfect Spanish tutor online by reading about their qualifications and interests.
Learn with any tutor
Not satisfied with your current Spanish tutor? Try others and see if you like them more.
Track your progress
Your learning achievements with your Spanish tutor are always at your fingertips.

How LiveXP works

The first thing you need to do is look at the teachers that are available on our website. Look at their profiles and once you choose the one that you find the most convincing, request a trial lesson here and now. See how you like the tutor before you decide to keep learning with them further. But remember, you can change your tutor at any moment. So if you feel like something is not working with one tutor, try another.

Pick a subscription plan

Choose the mode of learning most comfortable for you. Think over how much time you’re ready to spend with your Spanish tutor and how often.

Choose a tutor

It’s important to choose a Spanish tutor you like. Don’t worry, you can always switch to a different Spanish teacher if you want to.

Book a lesson

Once you’ve chosen a Spanish teacher, go ahead and book a lesson with them. And congrats! Your language-learning journey has begun!

Done! You are on your way to becoming more fluent in Spanish.
Trust the process and remember to have fun with it and praise yourself for your progress.

LiveXP student reviews

Have a look at what students say about their Spanish tutors.
While such reviews are helpful, nothing beats your personal learning experience.

About Juan

Juan is well prepared and very attentive, taking the time to understand my starting level of Spanish and designing a tailored program for me. This has helped me to focus on those areas I need the most and allowed me to have major improvements in my Spanish. Thank You Juan!!!

About Silvio

Very comfortable, easy going, friendly. You can tell he likes teaching and discussing the world... I’m very excited to explore learning Spanish with this gentleman.

About Kathrina

A wonderful and very distinguished teacher, I started with her from scratch and after many lessons I was able to communicate and speak Spanish. Thanks Katrina I started with her from scratch in the last October 2021 and after many lessons I can say now I can communicate in Spanish and speak this beautiful language. Thank you very much Kathrina you are a talented teacher and nice person

About Alexa

Alexa is an excellent teacher. She is kind and patient. My nervousness has stopped me from learning in the past, but Alexa’s manner put me at ease so I could learn. She clearly put much time and effort into designing a custom lesson for me. I look forward to our next class.

About Antonio

I am happy to have found and chosen Antonio. He is a great professional. It helps me not only with my Spanish but it makes my confidence increase in each class. I recommend him in every way for his enjoyable and effective classes. Very good.

About Cani

Cani is open-hearted, supportive and empathic. I can strongly recommend her to those who want to learn Spanish at a desired pace.

How to learn Spanish with Spanish tutors in the most effective way

Online Spanish lessons show outstanding results in a short time for several reasons. The first thing is that you do not have to spend time going to any academy or school. In addition, you can have your Spanish lessons whenever you want because you choose the schedule of your lessons. Your private Spanish tutor focuses on your needs and goals, timeframes, and your Spanish skills. And here, you can practice Spanish online with native speakers. On LiveXP, you can find Spanish teachers from almost every Spanish-speaking country.

How to find the best online Spanish teacher?

Find an online Spanish tutor that suits you best

Why do I need a personal Spanish tutor?

Need help?