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Certified tutor with 40 years of mentoring experience. Enjoy learning made simple.

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Greetings to all! I'm Carmine. In 1962, I was born in Brooklyn. So English is my native tongue with a NY accent. I enjoy teaching English full-time. I'm T.E.S.O.L. / TELF Certified. With me, you'll learn what you want/need to learn related to the English language. So, according to your goals, requests, and needs, you will benefit from my 40 years of experience. My aim is that you are excited, enthusiastic, satisfied, encouraged, and confident that you have chosen me as your teacher/mentor. The more you share about yourself like your goals, ambition, interests, and requests the more enhanced our time shared will be relaxing, fruitful, and pleasurable. Together we definitely will develop tailored-made lessons for you. I'm committed to you. Thank you for reading this and considering me. Warm regards, Carmine As I teach you will learn. It's that simple. Confidence in - doubt out. Hello Potential Protege, Before choosing me as your mentor, know that you will learn. In this case, you will learn spoken English, with a Native born New Yorker. Teaching since 1980 and online for the last 3 years where I decided to take T.E.S.O.L certification and transform my teaching passion into a professional job. You will learn through conventional & original ways. You will be thoroughly satisfied & encouraged. I strive to make it enjoyable, comfortable & doable. With dedication, repetitiously pronouncing words, speaking phrases, and understanding basic English grammar, you will be speaking English correctly & impressing yourself as well. Once you have chosen and contacted me, know that I want you to speak English as much as you want to. Together we will develop our lessons tailored made for you. With my caring, assistance & commitment to you & your attention & focus to learn, we will move right along with a positive attitude, having fun along the way. Feel free to watch my video, book contact with me & build up your knowledge of the English language one-on-one style with me. I am meek & empathetic come& join me as so many others have for decades. Then reap the benefits. Like Coca-cola taste the feeling of something you really want & achieve your goals with me. Looking forward to hearing from you, until then, be well.
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Jun 01, 21:32

Carmine is well knowledged, energetic, and welcoming, versed in a variety of different subjects. No awkward silence!

Laura Nisulescu
Laura Nisulescu

May 29, 09:01

A formidable gentleman with boundless vitality. Both professionally and personally, you have a lot to learn from him. He is a living, breathing encyclopedia. I am eagerly anticipating our upcoming lesson.


May 21, 09:52

Incredibly energetic aspect with passion!


May 17, 11:28

Moc mě se líbila lekce,bylo to pohodlné a fajnové ) mockrát děkuji a můžu jenom doporučit)

Pavel Myslik

May 16, 12:05

Velmi energický a milý učitel :)

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