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Angie van Schalkwyk

Angie van Schalkwyk

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✨Certified ESL Teacher ✨Adult & Children English Expert ✨BA DEG✨TEFL✨1500+ Lessons✨PGCE

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12 lessons
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✨FANTASTIC COURSES AVAILABLE✨ ✅ Beginner to Proficient ✅Reach your goals! ✨(CONVERSATION) Oxford Course To develop Communication in English Course available for Beginners to Advance students.✨ Outcome: These lessons form part of an Oxford Communication Course that falls under the section Conversation. This course is designed to improve your communication skills and have a better conversations. This course covers three sections: ⭐ 1. Getting Started - This course is designed to help beginner students speak confidently about everyday topics. ⭐ 2. Now You're Talking! - This course features lessons that help intermediate students improve their speaking and listening skills. ⭐ 3. Talking with Confidence- This course allows advanced students to practice speaking about a variety of topics, such as environment, education, and health. ✨✨✨ BOOK YOUR TRIAL LESSON NOW ✨✨✨ to see how we can learn English TOGETHER ✨✨✨ ✅ 8+ years of teaching experience ✅ Bachelor's degree in Education ✅ TEFL certified ✅ Honors in ABET ( Adult Basic Education and Training) ✅ Psychology Theoretical knowledge: Care and Counselling ✅ 5-star teacher ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ✅ 1500+ online lessons completed ✅ RECOMMENDED TEACHER'S LIST ✅ Punctual and result driven ⭐ Learn English Abroad? Travel & Culture course ⭐ ✨✨✨ BOOK YOUR TRIAL LESSON NOW ✨✨✨ ⭐ EXCELLENT BUSINESS COURSE AVAILABLE ⭐ ⭐ Succeed in an English business environment ✅ Job interview Course ✅ Learn the basics ✅ Conversations ✅ Telephone skills ✅ Meetings & Negotiations ✅ Socializing ✅ Marketing & Finance ✅ Management ✨✨✨ BOOK YOUR TRIAL LESSON NOW ✨✨✨ to see how we can learn English TOGETHER ✨✨✨ TEACHING STYLE ✅ Master of Business English ✅ Excellent at eliciting ✅ Clear and smooth voice ✅ Pronunciation correction ✅ Patient and kind ✅ Encouraging and motivating ✅ Strong affinity ✅ Conversation driven ✅ Interactive - Lots of practice time ✨✨✨ English for kids course:✨✨✨ Whether you're a BEGINNER, on an INTERMEDIATE LEVEL, or just want to STRENGTHEN your ADVANCED English ability, my focus is to:✨✨✨ ✅ Increase Vocabulary ✅ Listen to and read stories ✅ Language structures and accurate sentence formation ✅ Improved Grammar ✅ Phonics according to appropriate Levels - Blend sounds into words ✅ Build conversational skills and focus on fluency ✅ Improved pronunciation ✅ Educational Games, Sing Songs, and Chants.
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