Tips for LiveXP Tutors

Some useful recommendations for tutors from LiveXP Team

A Tutor Guide to the LiveXP Classroom

Enjoy fruitful education in our LiveXP Classroom. With our virtual learning space, you'll discover a comprehensive suite of tools for online learning journey. Say 'hi' to seamless studying with everything in one place!

What are Weekly lessons, and how to use them

Weekly lessons aim to give students an uninterrupted, consistent learning routine. One that will help them achieve results. Tutors, in turn, benefit from having a more stable schedule and predictable income.

How to Use Miro Whiteboard

Miro provides you with a digital whiteboard to create canvases and use them in your classes.

LiveXP Earning System

For students, lesson price is determined by subscription plans, not by tutors. How much tutors get per lesson (their rate) is based on their tutor level.

How to attract more students?

Be proactive and boost your chances of attracting a larger audience. Here are some tips on how to do it.