Lesson price is determined by subscription plans, not by tutors. How much tutors get per lesson (their rate) is based on their tutor level.

Earnings for trial lessons

You get a guaranteed $3.49 for conducting a trial lesson – but that's just the beginning! Converting your trial students into new subscribers may bring you additional reward. Learn more in this article.

Earnings for regular lessons

For one 60-minute lesson, you can earn from $10 to $15 depending on your level. In the subscription model, each tutor has a level, which depends on their XP. It has been calculated based on your previous performance on LiveXP.

The more lessons you have, the more XP you get, the higher your level, the more you make per lesson.

Every successful lesson gives you 1 XP. When you level up, your rate per lesson rises.

XP formula is:

Total XP = 1XP × № of regular lessons over the last 365 days + 2XP × № of students who subscribed after trial lessons over the last 365 days. And remember that, just as before, you can get a tip after a lesson if the student really enjoyed it!