LiveXP gives you exposure and access to many students from around the world. But you can also be proactive and boost your chances of attracting a larger audience. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Dedicate yourself to trial lessons

Plan out your trial lessons to impress students and inspire trust, and motivate them to subscribe. This will boost the chances that these students will want to keep learning with you.

Write articles for the LiveXP blog

You are welcome to write articles for the LiveXP blog about language-learning or teaching. At the end of each article, a reader (a potential student) can find more information about its author (you) and book a lesson with you, which increases your chances of getting more students.

If you want to try your hand at writing the article and sharing your experience, follow these instructions.

Make your content presentable

Make sure your materials look good, neat, and easy to understand. It helps in making students trust you and take you seriously.

Prepare for lessons

Make sure you know well what you’ll be talking about or showing. Prepare everything you need in advance. Dress appropriately and remove any distractions in the background (visual distractions and noises).

Reply to students' questions in the "Ask community" section

This is a great opportunity to help eager language learners and increase your visibility among students.

Pay attention to your Lesson Success Rate

The rating is displayed on your tutor card, and students across LiveXP can see it. It’s an important factor when students decide whether to book a lesson with you, so do your best to avoid rescheduling frequently, missing and failing lessons.